Throw Back Thursday

Throw Back time!

I went to school at Shorecrest High School in Shoreline, WA. I played football in the fall and did Track in the spring. I sure miss some of those days. As we get older we look back at those days as being on top of the world, wishing just for one night we could relive those moments. We looked forward to every Friday night where we were the superstars and the lights were shining for us.

I was looking through my old stuff and found my football team photo from my senior year. I found some good memories in this photo. A lot of friendships were built-in the years playing football. We went through some rough times together. The season prior to this photo, we had lost every game we played. Every Friday night we went out and played hard but we never could get a W. We were beat down but vowed to not to end our senior year like we had the last. We weren’t the biggest team nor were we the fasted team, but we came out each Friday night letting people know we were there to play!


We ended our senior season going something like 5-4. But man oh man ¬†we played every game like we had nothing to lose. I wish I still had the news paper articles and clippings from that season. I think those were the only photos of me actually playing a sport. Or even better yet I know someone out there has copies of “Highlight” tape. For all you kids out there, live up every moment, play every play like its your last, and never forget the bonds you build with your fellow teammates!

P.S. If you are in this photo, I am going to post it to facebook, go ahead and tag yourself!