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Here we go!

Time for the prime time! It’s time for “Friday Night Lights”, time to “Take me out to the ball game”, it’s time to capture those “decisive moments” in your kids’ sports history!

Welcome to Hot Shots Sports Photography!

We are offering high quality professional photography to amateur sports.

The reason for Hot Shots is this: I grew up playing many different sports, but in all those years of playing, I have ZERO photos of me actually paticipating in a game. I want to deliver ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and newspaper worthy photos to kids so they have memories of their time shining in the spot light.

Most of us stop playing sports after college or high school, but for many of us we recall our sports days as the “Glory Days”. I want everyone to have those memories of “back in the day, when I played ball…”, so they can share them with everyone and recall the past.

So with all that said, I would like to welcome everyone to the new adventure that is Hot Shots Sports Photography!

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