Monday Memories 4-8-13


Monday Memories

Family Sports

Mondays are always busy days and we spend much of our Monday thinking about the upcoming week. Sometimes it is nice to slow down and remember things in the past. Creating memories is what we are all about here at Hot Shots. The great thing about being a photographer is that we get to do these things for our family. While we don’t realize it as we go through everyday life, these days are flying by faster and faster. Before you know it Our kids will be all grown up going to college and starting their careers.

This post is about my nephew Dakota. Seems just like yesterday that he was running around in a diaper and now he is playing T-ball. One day he will probably hate me for posting these photos, but I am sure everyone else in the family will love them! I love photographing family especially the little ones because you never know what you are going to get!

Photographing kids playing sports is a¬†guaranteed good time! The only problem is they are never where you expect them to be or doing anything remotely close to anything they are supposed to be doing, but hey that’s what makes the photos that much better! I hope one day Dakota can look at these photos and laugh at himself for how silly and fun they are! You don’t have to be a pro athlete to make sports photos look good.